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Cape Denison in Commonwealth Bay, Antarctica, is recognized as the windiest location on Earth. While the average annual wind speed is approximately 80 km/h (50 mph), gusts from katabatic winds can reach speeds of 241 km/h (150 mph). Most of us have experienced strong or even gale force winds at some point during our lives. In most cases, these. Commonwealth Bay is an open bay about 48 km (30 mi) wide at the entrance between Point Alden and Cape Gray in Antarctica.It was discovered in 1912 by the Australasian Antarctic Expedition under Douglas Mawson, who established the main base of the expedition at Cape Denison at the head of the bay. Named by Australasian Antarctic Expedition after the Commonwealth of Australia 06:00 GMT) -. 0. calm. ( 0 mph at 200) 14 ° F. -. no observation. * NOTE: not all live weather reports for Commonwealth Bay, Antarctica update at the same frequency which is why some locations can show data from stations that are more remote if the report is more recent than known closer ones Commonwealth Bay, Antarctica. Commonwealth Bay is listed in National Geographic Atlas and the Guinness Book of World Records for having the highest wind speeds in the world. The average annual wind speed is 50 MPH year-round. However, winds can regularly reach speeds of 150 MPH or more. Wellington, New Zealand. By the numbers, Wellington is the. Commonwealth Bay Antarctica, elevation -220 m Press to show information about this location. Forecast Forecast. Nearby Nearby. Map Map. Details Details. New; It looks like you're using an old browser. To access all of the content on Yr, we recommend that you update your browser. Wind Precip. Monday 4 Oct

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Weather in Commonwealth Bay, . Weather forecast for Commonwealth Bay, with all weather data such as: Temperature, Felt temperature, Atmospheric pressure, Relative humidity, Wind speed, Wind gusts, Isotherm, Precipitation, Cloud cover and Heat index - www.ViewWeather.co Commonwealth Bay, Antartica. Commonwealth Bay is an approximately 60 km wide bay which is known as one of the windiest places on the planet. The strength of the winds here can be explained by the halfmoon form of the bay; streams of air are squeezed together and are then forced to flow faster 5. Though the fastest clocked wind-speed was from an Australian cyclone, Antarctica takes the cake for a lot of weather extremes and wind is no exception. Commonwealth Bay has storm winds often reaching 150 miles per hour and an average wind speed of 50 miles per hour Commonwealth Bay Antarctica Commonwealth Bay is included in the National Geographic Atlas and the Guinness Book of World Records because it has the world's highest wind speeds. The average annual wind speed is 50 MPH year-round

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The early explorers knew that the Antarctic was an inhospitable place before they arrived. But maybe even they didn't image how bad it could be. Apsley Cherry-Garrard described the extreme cold during a mid winters journey to an emperor penguin colony, and Mawson's team endured the extreme winds of the coast at Commonwealth Bay Commonwealth Bay Cove (Antarctica), elevation -220 m Press to show information about this location. Forecast Forecast. Nearby Nearby. Map Map. Details Details. It looks like you're using an old browser. Wind speed m/s Pressure hPa Humidity % Dew point Cloud cover % Fog % Low % Middle Cape Denison is a rocky point at the head of Commonwealth Bay in George V Land, Antarctica.It was discovered in 1912 by the Australasian Antarctic Expedition (1911-14) under Douglas Mawson, who named it for Sir Hugh Denison of Sydney, a patron of the expedition.The cape was the site of the expedition's main base. Called by Mawson the windiest place on Earth, the site experiences fierce. The Katabatic Winds of Addie Land and King George V Land By F. K. BALL, Division of Meteorological Physics, C. S. I. R. O., Melbourne, Victoria, Austraha (Manuscript received April 4. 1956) Abstract The principle features of the katabatic wind in the neighbourhood of Commonwealth Bay Commonwealth Bay is an open bay about 48 km (30 mi) wide at the entrance between Point Alden and Cape Gray in Antarctica. It was discovered in 1912 by the Australasian Antarctic Expedition under Douglas Mawson, who established the main base of the expedition at Cape Denison at the head of the bay

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  1. Commonwealth Bay, Antarctica - in the short twilight. The sun just spun around and seemed to take up the whole sky and then a twilight descended for a short interval. It may have signified the end of the day and the start of a new one. It was approaching midnight
  2. However, large-scale anomalous events, such as those occurring in Commonwealth Bay, East Antarctica, provide opportunities for natural experiments. Historically, katabatic winds have kept Commonwealth Bay ice-free for most of each year, but since 2010, a massive grounded iceberg has resulted in year-round sea-ice cover
  3. Commonwealth Bay is about 48 km (30 mi) wide at the entrance between Point Alden and Cape Gray and was discovered in 1912 by the Australasian Antarctic Expedition. The wind regularly exceeds 150mph and the average annual wind speed is around 50mph. The winds are katabatic in nature and flow along the steep surface of the ice shield towards the sea
  4. Commonwealth Bay - the site of Sir Douglas Mawson's Australasian Antarctic Expedition (AAE) of 1911-1914 - was usually free of sea ice, owing to the presence of an ex-tensive coastal polynya maintained by strong offshore kata-batic winds sustained by the local ice-sheet topography and the presence of the Mertz Polynya to the east.
  5. Antarctic Berg Shifts, Sea Ice Responds. Iceberg B-09B is on the move again. For several years, the 50-kilometer-long ice island jammed up a bay in East Antarctica and created desperate times for a colony of penguins. Now it is back to drifting in the Southern Ocean. B-09B is a remnant of B-09, which broke off from the Ross Ice Shelf in the.
  6. The SY Aurora anchored at Commonwealth Bay in 1912. The expedition, using the ship SY Aurora commanded by Captain John King Davis, departed from Hobart on 2.

East Antarctica. Named Home of the Blizzard by Sir Douglas Mawson during the 1911-13 Australasian Antarctic Expedition, this rarely visited part of Antarctica was in fact the location of the very popular film March of the Penguins. The remains of Mawson's Hut at Commonwealth Bay is a piece of Antarctic history few people have ever seen Commonwealth Bay on the coast of Antarctica. 116. What does an anemometer measure? Wind Speed. 117. Bognor Java gets on average 322 days annually with what occurrence? Lightning strikes. 118. Technically they are hydrometeors, but what is a more common name for them? Hailstones. 119. A 25 to 31 mph wind on the Beaufort scale is called what. Winds speeds on the continent often exceed 100 mph each winter. Learn the causes of these ferocious katabatic winds. What is the windiest place in Antarctica? From February 1912 to December 1913, scientists measured the wind speed at Cape Denison, a rocky point at the head of Commonwealth Bay in east Antarctica

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This provides a downslope all the way to the coast. Cold dense air flows down the slope to the coast gaining speed as it goes, This produces the famous katabatic wind that is responsible for the very strong winds and blizzards experienced in Antarctica. The windiest place from which records have been kept is Commonwealth Bay where Sir Douglas. Antarctic achievements. While undertaking a doctorate at Sydney University, Douglas Mawson joined Ernest Shackleton's 1907 to 1909 Nimrod expedition as a geologist, his first Antarctic experience. Along with his mentor Professor T.W. Edgeworth David, Mawson completed the longest Antarctic man-hauling sledge journey of 122 days.Coping with hunger, hidden crevasses, frostbite and exhaustion. --from Douglas Mawson's account The Home of the Blizzard-- The climate proved to be little more than one continuous blizzard the year round; a hurricane of wind roaring for weeks altogether, pausing for breath only at odd hours. Such pauses--lulls of a singular nature--were a welcome relief to the dreary monotony, and on such occasion

Posts about Commonwealth Bay written by davidhirzel. -from Douglas Mawson's account The Home of the Blizzard- While the wind rushed by at a maddening pace and stars flashed like jewels in a black sky, a glow of pale yellow light overspread the north-east horizon-the aurora polaris Commonwealth Bay - Katabatic Winds Katabatic Winds It is listed in both the Guinness Book of World Records and the Eighth Edition of the National Geographic Atlas as the windiest place on Earth with winds regularly exceeding 240 kilometres (150 mi) per hour and an average annual wind speed of 80 kilometres (50 mi) per hour Antarctica has some of the strongest wind conditions in the world, with regular katabatic winds of hurricane force. Commonwealth Bay is said to be the windiest place on Earth, with winds reaching speeds of 160 knots (nearly 290 km per hour). Mawson and his team nicknamed Cape Denison the 'home of the blizzard' 21. When Sir Douglas Mawson plodded into base camp at Commonwealth Bay in Antarctica in February 1913 his fellow explorers barely recognised him. The geologist was in appalling physical shape.

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ePostcard #40: In the Footsteps of Douglas Mawson (Commonwealth Bay, East Antarctica, 2006) Cloud Ridge's first trip to the Southern Polar Ocean in 2003 included the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands. I knew that we would go back but that I would want to create itineraries that visited specific regions in greater depth Wind also varies dramatically according to place. Antarctica has what are called Katabatic winds, these form when cold dense air falls in the interior and then flows down the slope to the sea sometimes building up to hurricane force as it does so, up to 190 mph / 300 kmh at the coastal edge SSE. 10. SSE. Today's sea temperature in Commonwealth Bay, Antarctica is 29 °F ( Statistics for 16 Oct 1981-2005 - mean: 29 max: 29 min: 29 ° F

Commonwealth Bay, on the coast of Australian Antarctic Territory, some 2500 km south of Tasmania (Figure 1), includes the rocky promontory of Cape Denison. Consist-ing of several low rocky knolls, the cape measures 1700 m across and protrudes about 900 m into the bay. It is constantly buffeted by very strong katabatic winds, whic In any case, Antarctica holds the Guinness World Record for fastest katabatic wind (wind that travels down a slope), which was 168 mph, recorded in 1912 at Cape Denison in Commonwealth Bay

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On the formation of coastal polynyas in the area of Commonwealth Bay, Eastern Antarctica. Antarctica's King George V Land and Adélie Land were first explored by Sir Douglas Mawson and his party during their 1911-1913 expedition. They were astounded by the strength of the katabatic wind, which is so dominant in this area However, powerful winds now sweep down from the Antarctic highlands and freeze the waters of Commonwealth Bay. The cause of the penguin's suffering is, as Turney put it to IFLScience, the size of. Extract from Sports the Olympics Forgot. The windiest place in the world is on the continent of Antarctica. Commonwealth Bay is about 48 km (30 mi) wide at the entrance between Point Alden and Cape Gray and was discovered in 1912 by the Australasian Antarctic Expedition

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The impact of the giant iceberg B09B on population size and breeding success of Adélie penguins in Commonwealth Bay, Antarctica KERRY-JAYNE WILSON1, CHRIS S.M. TURNEY2, CHRISTOPHER J. FOGWILL2 and ESTELLE BLAIR3 1West Coast Penguin Trust, PO Box 70, Charleston 7865, West Coast, New Zealand 2Climate Change Research Centre, School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of. Commonwealth Bay, Antarctica Current Weather Report 14/07/21 12:00 +10 Commonwealth Bay, Antarctica Feels Like: -22°C Temperature: -22°C Lightcloud UV Index: N/A N/A Pressure: N/A mb. N/A Wind: From at 11.1 km/h gusting to km/h Humidity: 55.1% Visibility: N/A km Dew Point: N/A° Commonwealth Bay is listed as the windiest place on Earth with winds regularly exceeding 150 miles per hour. Notes: Topographic map of Cape Denison located at the head of Commonwealth Bay, the windiest place on earth Commonwealth Bay, Antarctica 67.0000° S, 142.6667° E 2021-03-18 Thu 7:53 PM AEDT Sunset 2021-03-18 Thu 8:06 PM AEDT Moonset 2021-03-18 Thu 10:59 PM AEDT 0.60 meters Low Tide 2021-03-19 Fri 2:31 AM AEDT 0.70 meters High Tide 2021-03-19 Fri 7:23 AM AEDT Sunrise 2021-03-19 Fri 8:30 AM AEDT 0.27 meters Low Tide 2021-03-19 Fri 3:34 PM AEDT Moonrise 2021-03-19 Fri 4:24 PM AEDT 1.43 meters High.

The arrival of iceberg B09B in Commonwealth Bay, East Antarctica, and subsequent fast ice expansion has dramatically increased the distance Adélie penguins (Pygoscelis adeliae) breeding at Cape Denison must travel in search of food.This has provided a natural experiment to investigate the impact of iceberg stranding events and sea ice expansion along the East Antarctic coast Commonwealth Bay, Antarctica; Commonwealth Bay is an open bay about 48 km (30 mi) wide at the entrance between Point Alden and Cape Gray in Antarctica. It was discovered in 1912 by the Australasian Antarctic Expedition under Douglas Mawson, who established the main base of the expedition at Cape Denison at the head of the bay Akademik Shokaliskiy arrived in Commonwealth Bay 10 nautical miles short of its goal, under a clear blue sky and no wind. The Antarctic Plateau and Cape Denison,. Today's and tonight's McMurdo, Antarctica weather forecast, weather conditions and Doppler radar from The Weather Channel and Weather.co 1911-1914 Australasian Antarctic Expedition leaves Hobart on 2nd December 1911 aboard the S.Y. (steam yacht) Aurora More about the Aurora Pack ice first sighted on 31st Dec 1911 The Aurora seen from within a cavern of the Mertz Glacier Tongue, Commonwealth Bay, Adelie Lan

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Once having arrived to Antarctica, you will spend time around Commonwealth Bay or the Ross Sea region. A cruise to Antarctica from Australia and New Zealand offers the opportunity to witness the immense natural landscapes and seascapes of this incredibly remote yet ruggedly beautiful part of Antarctica and the best chance to see emperor and king penguins Nov 10, 2013 - Hurley, Frank, 1885-1962. Part of the John George Hunter collection of photographs of Antarctica, 1911-1914.; Published in: The home of the blizzard / by Douglas Mawson. London : William Heinemann, 1915, v. 2 facing p. 164. In the distance the ice slopes of the mainland are visible rising to a height of 2000 feet. Golful Commonwealth. De la Wikipedia, enciclopedia liberă. Sari la navigare Sari la căutare. Golful Commonwealth, în timpul Expediţiei Antarctica Australasian în 1912. Golful Commonwealth este un golf care are aproximativ 48 km lărgime de la intrarea dintre Point Alden și Capul Gray în Antarctica Antarctica's surreal remoteness, extreme cold, enormous ice shelves and mountain ranges, and myriad exotic life forms invariably challenge you to embrace life fully. Everyone - scientist, support worker, government official and tourist - who comes to this isolated continent, must 'earn' it, whether by sea voyage or flight

Adelie penguins stand atop a block of melting ice on a rocky shoreline at Cape Denison, Commonwealth Bay, in East Antarctica Pauline Askin | R Climate change is the most formidable challenge humanity has had to face since World War II and will require similar levels of individual mobilization and collective cooperation Sep 9, 2018 - Mt Melbourne Volcano, Antarctica - John Seac Mawson's hut, Commonwealth bay 21 images Created 12 May 2020. View: 100 | All Facebook; Twitter;

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The only comprehensive meteorological huts at Commonwealth Bay, where ice particles are likely records for wind available for Cape Adare, are to be the main weathering agent. While further research those collected by the two expeditions that spent with a wind tunnel could focus on the dynamics of the winter at that location in 1899 and 1911 --from Douglas Mawson's account The Home of the Blizzard-- There was much expected of july, but the wind soughed on and the temperature decreased. Just to demonstrate its resource, the wind maintained ninety-seven miles per hour for six hour on July 19, while the puffanemometer indicated several breaks of one hundred fifty miles per hour KEY WORDS Katabatic winds Antarctica INTRODUCTION During the austral spring of 191 1, the Australasian Antarctic Expedition under the direction of Douglas Mawson set out for the southernmost continent. Upon reaching Commonwealth Bay along the Adelie Lan Tall, lean, balding, earnest and determined, Mawson was an Antarctic veteran, a supreme organizer and physically tough. The Australasian party anchored in Commonwealth Bay, an especially remote.

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Request PDF | Katabatic winds and polynya dynamics in the Weddell Sea region (Antarctica) | The Antarctic surface wind field is dominated by a persistent katabatic flow from the interior towards. COMMONWEALTH BAY, Antarctica (R Life!) - Australia is planning the world's biggest pest eradication program on the sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island, where thousands of mice and rabbits are. Professor Turney said its new location in Commonwealth Bay was trapping katabatic winds — or frigid, dry air masses that roll off the Antarctic plateau — in Cape Denison and causing sea ice.

Commonwealth Bay, Antarctica where winds of 200mph have been recorded. #weatherfacts #fun #interesting #currentweather #weather #commonwealth #bay #antarctica #winds. Commonwealth Bay in the East Antarctic will be forever associated with Sir Douglas Mawson's pioneering scientific venture a century ago: the Australasian Antarctic Expedition. Mawson's team.

It has been nearly a century since the Australasian Antarctic Expedition (hereafter, AAE) under the leadership of Sir Douglas Mawson first set foot on the Antarctic continent. The party arrived at what would become the base station of Cape Denison (67°S, 142.7°E; see Fig. 1) in January 1912. For the next two years, party members maintained a record of weather observations, the first. The Sierra Club and Chesapeake Climate Action Network also voiced support the windmill projects. The US Wind Inc. development is called Momentum Wind and would generate 1,200 megawatts of electricity

Mawson and his team of 17 men, the Australasian Antarctic Expedition, travelled to Commonwealth Bay to conduct experiments on a variety of subjects including continental drift, local wildlife, and. Under his leadership, the Virginia Commonwealth University Symphonic Wind Ensemble has earned a reputation for musical excellence and has been invited to perform at many professional conferences including the American Bandmasters Association, MENC, the College Band Directors National Association, and the Virginia Music Educators Association In the Bay Area, higher elevations are expected to be most affected by north and northeast winds of 15 to 30 mph, with gusts of 40 to 50 mph through Tuesday evening, said Anna Schneider, a. 1. Area map of Adélie Land, Eastern Antarctica. 2. Annual course of wind speed, wind directional constancy, and frequency of hurricane force winds (>32 ms-1) Cape Denison, Commonwealth Bay. 3. Measured and modeled annual mean wind speed for coastal stations in Adélie Land between 139°E and 147°E