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Actress Hedy Lamarr patents the basis for WiFi August 11, 1942 On this date in 1942, Hollywood actress Hedy Lamarr (called the most beautiful woman in Hollywood) received a patent with composer George Antheil for a frequency hopping, spread-spectrum communication system designed to make radio-guided torpedoes harder to detect or jam Frequency Hopping Communication System. US Patent No. 2,292,387. Inducted in 2014. Born November 9, 1914 - Died January 19, 2000. Actress Hedy Lamarr was best known for her work in Hollywood during its Golden Age, starring in films such as Ziegfeld Girl and Samson and Delilah Hedy Lamarr's patent Patent # 2,292,387 for a Secret Communication System, granted to actress Hedy Kiesler Markey. At the time it was filed, in 1941, Lamarr was married to Gene Markey, a Hollywood screenwriter June 1941: Hedy Lamarr and George Antheil submit patent for radio frequency hopping. Fans of classic film know the name Hedy Lamarr for her memorable performances in Algiers, H.M. Pulham Esq., and Ziegfeld Girl, among others. But the actress also made a small contribution to wartime technology with her co-invention of an early form of spread. It seems the entire Internet recently discovered the Hedy Lamarr patent story. Hedy Lamarr was a beautiful actress in the 1930′s-40′s, who was once dubbed The Most Beautiful Woman in the World. She also is the named co-inventor on a patent for an anti-jamming system for guiding torpedoes

1942 fick Lamarr och tonsättaren George Antheil patent på sin uppfinning Secret Communication System (US Patent 2,292,387), vilken möjliggjorde automatiskt frekvensbyte mellan 88 olika kanaler. Syftet var att försvåra spårningen av radiostyrda torpede Earlier this week we announced that Hedy Lamarr is to be one of three inductees into the IP Hall of Fame for 2019 (the others are Judge Kathleen O'Malley and Professor Jeffrey Samuels). The IP Hall of Fame Academy decided to honour the Austrian-born actress for the outstanding contribution her patented invention - Secret Communications System.

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Anyone as fabulously beautiful as Hedy Lamarr simply cannot possess brains! Yet it was undeniably true — Patent Number 2292387 belonged to Lamarr Ohne Hedy Lamarr hätten wir heute kein WLAN, titelte dagegen der britische Guardiananlässlich der Buchveröffentlichung eines Historikers über Lamarrs Patent 2011. Wahrscheinlich liegt die.

Hedy Lamarr was an Austrian-American actress and inventor who pioneered the technology that would one day form the basis for today's WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth communication systems. As a natural beauty seen widely on the big screen in films like Samson and Delilah and White Cargo, society has long ignored her inventive genius Lamarr and Anthiel received a patent in 1941, but the enormous significance of their invention was not realized until decades later. It was first implemented on naval ships during the Cuban Missile Crisis and subsequently emerged in numerous military applications Clearly everybody deserve respect and admiration for all their achievements and since the previously obscure claimed 'secret patent' (concerning Frequency Hopping / Spread Spectrum / wi-fi), co-registered in the name of George Antheil and Hedy Kiesler Markey, one of Hedy Lamarr's married names, was publically linked to her better known persona as an actress, technocrats have been pondering

1941-06-10 Application filed by Markey Hedy Kiesler, Antheil George filed Critical Markey Hedy Kiesler 1941-06-10 Priority to US397412A priority Critical patent/US2292387A/en 1942-08-11 Application granted granted Critical 1942-08-11 Publication of US2292387A publication Critical patent/US2292387A/en 1959-08-11 Anticipated expiration legal-status Critica Lamarr und Antheil, der 1959, im Auslaufjahr ihres Patents, starb, verdienten keinen Cent mit ihrer Erfindung. Auch die Ehre stellte sich erst sehr spät ein. Jahrzehnte nach dem Ende ihrer Leinwandkarierre, als sie einsam und zurückgezogen in Florida lebte, erhielt Hedy Lamarr 1997 den Electronic Frontier Foundation Pioneer Award Hedy Lamarr (/ ˈ h eɪ d i /; born Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler; November 9, 1914 - January 19, 2000) was an Austrian-born American film actress and inventor.. After a brief early film career in Czechoslovakia, including the controversial Ecstasy (1933), she fled from her husband, a wealthy Austrian ammunition manufacturer, and secretly moved to Paris Lamarr and Antheil patented their invention in 1942, but it was classified until 1981, and during that time only used in military technology such as sonar or satellite communications Hedy Lamarr - kvinnan bakom teknikrevolutionen. Alla kreativa människor vill göra det oväntade. Citatet är ett av många från Hedy Lamarr - kreativ, banbrytande och produktiv som få. Under sitt 85 år långa liv hann denna österrikiska inte bara med en exceptionell skådespelarkarriär i Hollywood

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The 17-year limit on patents does that to a lot of people. But the patent wasn't the point. Hedy Lamarr had stepped out from behind the icon for just a moment. And, when she did, we saw creative flesh and blood that was far more than the stuff of movie stars Patents and licensing. MAY 2, 2019. Austrian actress and inventor Hedy Lamarr (born Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler; November 9, 1914 —January 19, 2000) has been selected as one of this year's inductees into the IP Hall of Fame. Ms. Lamarr pioneered the use of spread spectrum — frequency hopping in particular — for secure communications Lamarr is best known for a patent application on which she is the first inventor (as Hedy Kiesler Markey), with George Antheil as her co-inventor, is US Patent 2,292,387, issued Aug. 11, 1942, for a Secret Communication System. (You can view a PDF of the patent at the USPTO's site, though the viewer does not always work; Google has the patent images and OCR of the patent's text available)

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Månadens Ada: Filmstjärnan och uppfinnaren Hedy Lamarr. Hon lyste upp vita duken i Hollywoods storfilmer och kallades för världens vackraste kvinna. Men Hedy Lamarrs passion låg inte i vare sig yta eller skådespeleri. Hon ansåg att hjärnan var det verkligt intressanta, och som uppfinnare använde hon sin intelligens och tekniska. Patent number 2,292,387 was granted on 11th August 1941 under her married name Hedy Kiesler Markey, along with co-inventor George Antheil, as a Secret Communication System. The name Markey was that of the second of six of Hedy Lamarr's husbands. The patent also specified that a high-altitude observation plane could be used to steer a torpedo

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  1. Hedy Lamarr patent 1941. Patent filed by Hedy Lamarr and George Antheil for a secret communication system, application June 10, 1941. Print
  2. Hedy Lamarr (1914-2000) var en österrikisk-amerikansk skådespelerska och uppfinnare. Hedy Lamarr Lamarr var en självlärd uppfinnare inom allt från kemi till aerodynamik. 1942 patenterade Lamarr (tillsammans med George Antheil) Secret Communication System, en metod som gjorde det möjligt för radiosignaler att automatiskt byta frekvens mellan 88 olika kanaler
  3. The work that Hedy Lamarr did in her patent, Milstar took that technology in order to implement frequency hopping on the system, and that's what we trust our most important nuclear command and.
  4. 80 Jahre Patent für Frequenzsprungverfahren Hedy Lamarr - Hollywood-Diva und Lady Bluetooth. WLAN und Bluetooth sind aus der Welt kaum mehr wegzudenken. Die Technik basiert auch auf einem.
  5. Unfortunately, Lamarr's ingenious invention would not be used until the 1960s Cuban Missile Crisis, years after the patent had expired. 50 years after the patent was awarded, Hedy was presented the Electronic Frontier Foundation Award in 1998. A testament to her character, she unapologetically responded, It's about time.
  6. Hedy Lamarr did not make Wi-Fi — certainly not in the sense the meme implies — as a genius entrepreneur. She couldn't have. Jack Dorsey , Mark Zuckerberg , and Steve Jobs were born in 1976, 1984, and 1955, respectively, and Twitter, Facebook, and Apple Inc. were all launched when these men were reasonably young and active in tech (2006, 2004, and 1976, respectively)

Hedy Lamarr föddes Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler den 9 november 1914 i Wien, Österrike. Hennes föräldrar var judiska, med hennes mor, Gertrud (f. Lichtwitz) som pianist (ryktet om att ha konverterat till katolicismen ) och hennes far Emil Kiesler, en framgångsrik bankir Lamarr and Antheil's 1941 patent drawing for a secret communication system. Hedy Lamarr, famous as a Hollywood film star in the 1930s, was not only one of the most acclaimed actors of her time but also the co-inventor of an important communications technology. She was born Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler in Vienna, Austria, in 1913

Hedy Lamarr starred in biblical blockbusters . Now a Susan Sarandon-produced film will tell how her scientific work pioneered modern communications. Hedy Lamarr, a 1940s film idol, was joint. Hedy Lamarr Patent Patented Aug. 11, 1942 2,292387 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 2,292,387 SECRET COMMUNICATION SYSTEM Hedy Kiesler Markey, Los Angeles, and George Antheil, Manhattan Beach, Calif. Application June 10, 1941, Serial No. 397,412 6 Claims. (Cl. 250-2) This invention relates broadly to secret communication systems involving the use of carrier waves o Hedy Lamarr. Era: 1940-1949. IT'S THE OLD STORY: A glamorous movie actress and a brash avant-garde composer get together to invent and patent a device that controls torpedoes by radio. Naturally their foray into military-technology innovation affects the way defense satellites are designed in the next half-century Patent #US1869659 describes a frequency hopping invention submitted by Willem Broertjes in 1929 and issued in 1932 (a decade before Lamarr and Antheil's). Patent #US723188 by none other than Nikolai Tesla in 1903 does not use the phrase frequency hopping though it describes changing wireless frequencies to avoid interception

01 September 2021. By Rebecca Pool. Technology, Community. Film legend Hedy Lamarr was left off a patent for a frequency-hopping device because she was not a US citizen. From beginning to end, the life of 1940s Hollywood film star Hedy Lamarr, was extraordinary. She rose to fame in hit movies alongside the likes of Clark Gable and James Stewart. Hedy Lamarr wasn't just an actress and the most beautiful woman in the world, she was the brilliant inventor of US Patent 2,292,387 If the names on the patent had been Helen Kugler Murray, let's say, and Greg Atley, nobody would have given it a thought, and we would have heard no more about it, but as it turned out they were Hedy Kiesler Markey and George Antheil, and it took only a little effort of memory to recall that Markey was one of the married names of Hedy Lamarr - film star and glamour queen of a bygone era. But then you probably know her as actress Hedy Lamarr. On Aug. 11, 1942, United States Patent 2,292,387 was issued to George Antheil and Lamarr for their frequency-hopping secret communications. They submitted their patent on June 10, 1941, and the patent was granted on August 11, 1942. Lamarr was listed under Hedy Kiesler Markey, her married name at the time. 85

Hedy Lamarr - Patent 1 Her horror at the war in Europe, however, would inspire her greatest invention of all. Calling upon what she had learned from Mandl's cohorts about weapons systems development, she devised a remote-controlled, unjammable torpedo to attack German submarines ravaging North Atlantic shipping and sinking vessels evacuating children from London Check out our hedy lamarr patent selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our prints shops Skådespelerskan Hedy Lamarr (1913-2000) kallades för den vackraste kvinnan i världen. Men hon var inte bara snygg, hon var smartare än de flesta. 1942 - på toppen av sin karriär i Hollywood - fick hon USA-patent på uppfinningen Secret Communications System. Det var en idé om frekvenshoppning som ligger till grund för.

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Dean, A. (2017) Hollywood's Brightest Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story. Markey, H.K. and Antheil, G. (1941) Secret Communication System, US Patent 2292387A. Rhodes, R. (2011) Hedy's Folly, the Life and Breakthrough Inventions of Hedy Lamarr, the Most Beautiful Woman in the World, Doubleday. Reproduced from Mathematics Today, April 202 Hedy Lamarr i jej partner George Antheil otrzymali patent za systemy tajnej komunikacji wykorzystujące fale nośne o różnych częstotliwościach. Ich praca posłużyła jako baza do stworzenia metody komunikacji FHSS, która zaś otworzyła drogę do kilku nowoczesnych technologii bezprzewodowych, używanych do dziś

Hedy Lamarr, Actor, Inventor, Anti-Facist. September 12, 2016. September 12, 2016. / codelikeawoman. On 10 June 1941, Hedy Kiesler Markey (later Hedy Lamarr) and her collaborator George Antheil filed a patent for the frequency hopping technology that now forms the basis of networks from GPS to Wi-fi. [1] The ENIAC hadn't even blinked to life. Hedy Lamarr wasn't just a beautiful movie star.According to a new play, Frequency Hopping, she was also a shrewd inventor who devised a signal technology that millions of people use every day.

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  1. ed that prior to 1965, female inventors only made up 2-3% of all inventors, in any field
  2. Hedy Lamarr was constrained by the gender norms of her time, but in the only patent she ever filed, she put a permanent mark on the wireless revolution. Although she never received widespread recognition for her clever innovation in her lifetime, its impact is felt daily by nearly every citizen of the digital age
  3. Frequency Hopping: The most celebrated invention of frequency hopping was that of actress Hedy Lamarr and composer George Antheil, who in 1942 received patent number 2,292,387 for their Secret Communications System. This early version of frequency hopping used a piano-roll to change between 88 frequencies, and was intended to make radio-guided torpedoes harder for enemies to detect or to jam
  4. Levensloop. Hedy Lamarr, geboren vlak voor het uiteenvallen van Oostenrijk-Hongarije, was de dochter van de Oostenrijkse bankdirecteur Emil Kiesler en de Hongaarse pianiste Gertrud Lichtwitz.Ze volgde de acteursopleiding van Max Reinhardt in Berlijn en had op haar zeventiende haar eerste filmrol, in de Duitse film Geld Auf der Straße (1930). ). In 1933 verscheen ze als eerste vrouw naakt in.
  5. g system for guiding torpedoes. Hedy Lamarr Makeup Tutorial. Was Lamarr the lady who slept in makeup
  6. Kvinnohistoria shared a post on Instagram: 11 augusti 1942 fick hollywoodstjärnan Hedy Lamarr patent på ett frekvensbytarsystem som nu ligger • Follow their account to see 2,206 posts

Hedy Lamarr. « Skådespelare och uppfinnare av automatiserad frekvenshoppning. Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler föddes i Wien i Österrike den 9 november 1914. Hennes mamma var pianist och hennes pappa var bankdirektör, så hon levde gott. Redan i tidiga tonåren upptäcktes hon av en teaterproducent, som tog med henne till Berlin A page from Hedy Lamarr's patent for spread spectrum technology- from the Smithsonian Institute. Born in Vienna, Austria in 1913, Hedy Lamarr was at one point one of Hollywood's most glamorous and beautiful actresses. She was also one of the most important inventors of the twentieth century: her spread spectrum technology, initially. Early Life and Career . Hedy Lamarr was born Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler on November 9, 1914, in Vienna, Austria. Her parents were Jewish, with her mother, Gertrud (née Lichtwitz) being a pianist (rumored to have converted to Catholicism) and her father Emil Kiesler, a successful banker.Lamarr's father loved technology and would explain how everything from streetcars to printing presses worked

Hedy Lamarr shares the title to a 1942 patent, under her then legal name Hedy Kiesler Markey, for a secret communication system intended for use as a radio guidance device for U.S. Navy torpedoes. Along with her co-inventor and avant-garde musician George Antheil. A snapshot biography of Hedy Lamarr. Some said Hedy Lamarr was the most beautiful woman in the world. Some said she had the most beautiful face they had ever seen. Some just stopped talking mid-sentence, in awe, when she walked into a room. Born in Vienna, Austria, in 1914, Hedy was an only child of two loving and devoted parents They submitted their patent proposal for a Secret Communication System in 1941, and that October the New York Times reported that Lamarr (using her married name at the time, Hedy Kiesler. Even today, most people remember Hedy Lamarr, the famous Hollywood actress from the 1940's and not Hedy Lamarr, the genius inventor of frequency hopping. She is not alone, however. Many women who have made contributions to STEM, such as Katherine Johnson, the six ENIAC programmers, Edith Clarke among many others, often either go unrecognized for years or have their names erased from the credits

Hedy Lamarr performed by Judith Kalaora. United States Inventors Council, a branch of the United States NAVY, awards Hedy Lamarr and George Antheil Patent # 2,292,387 for their Secret Communication System. 1962 - Three years after the expiration of Hedy and George's patent,. Hedy Lamarr, the woman many critics and fans alike regard as the most beautiful ever to appear in films, was born Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler in Vienna, Austria. She was the daughter of Gertrud (Lichtwitz), from Budapest, and Emil Kiesler, a banker from Lember (now known as Lviv) Hedy Lamarr (født Hedwig Maria Eva Kiesler; 9. november 1914, død 19. januar 2000) var en østrigsk skuespiller, glamourmodel og forsker.Omend hun primært er kendt for sin filmkarriere og som filmstjerne i MGMs gyldne alder, havde hun en bemærkelsesværdig karriere som forsker og opfinder: Hun var bl.a. medudvikler af en tidlig form for spread-spectrum-kommunikation, en forløber for.

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However, they kept the invention classified as secret. The patent was rediscovered in the 1950s when companies were developing non-frequency-hopping spread-spectrum, and it was finally implemented in the 1960s. Along with other inventors, Hedy Lamarr and George Antheil laid the groundwork for modern spread-spectrum technologies Hedy Lamarr (1914-2000) Co-inventor, frequency hopping/spread spectrum. How one of the world's most beautiful women and most popular film stars of Hollywood's golden era came to co-invent the most important wireless communications security technology - frequency hopping - is a strange and wonderful story Hedy Lamarr, Inventor and Actress, 1914-200 Hedy Lamarr, an American film actor, patented a Secret Communications System to help combat the Nazis in World War II. Lamarr received the patent in 1941, but the enormous significance of their invention was not realized until decades later. It was first used on naval ships during the Cuban Missile Crisis. today, it forms the

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The American Physical Society recently posted an article that resonated with my theme on technology persuasion. It turns out that the seductive actress Hedy Lamarr once applied for and received a patent for a Secret Communication System that used an early type of spread spectrum mixing. She subsequently took on the role of a technologist trying to persuade decision makers to fund her idea Hedy Lamarr's 101st birthday. The patent for frequency hopping Lamarr co-authored laid the groundwork for widely-used technologies like Bluetooth, GPS and wifi that we rely upon daily Lamarr and Mandl jointly submitted patent number US2292387A with Lamarr using her name from her marriage to her second husband, Hedy Kiesler Markey, and it was awarded in 1941. The US Navy never adopted the technology during the course of the war, either due to its reluctance to embrace technology developed outside of the military or its inability to see beyond the use of a piano roll-inspired. Hedy Lamarr — Sci-Illustrate Stories. Even though the design was protected and their patent did not expire until 1959, Hedy and George never received appropriate recognition for this idea,. Händelser 11 augusti 1942 fick skådespelerskan Hedy Lamarr patent på ett frekvensbytarsystem som nu ligger till grund för mobiltelefoner och WIFI-teknik 11 augusti 1950 vittnade kommunisten Ethel Rosenberg, i rättegången där hon var anklagad för spioneri mot USA för Sovjets räkning. Hon dömdes och avrättades senare tillsammans med sin man

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Frequency Hopping, Patent Print, Hedy Lamarr, Invention, Blueprint Patent, Secret System, Boys Room Decor, Gift for Engineer INSTANT DOWNLOAD #PTP0525 The patent print is a fabulous quick gift, a unique accent in your home and office interior. Printable art is a perfect way to impress your friends Hedy Lamarr was one of the most beautiful women to ever grace the silver screen. Born Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler in Vienna in 1914, she shot to fame in Europe by appearing nude in the Austrian-Czech film Ecstasy (1933). An unhappy marriage to fascist armaments manufacturer Fritz Mandl ended in 1938 when Hedy gathered her jewels, left a dinner.

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Skådespelerskan Hedy Lamarr (1913-2000) kallades för den vackraste kvinnan i världen. Men hon var inte bara snygg, hon var smartare än de flesta. 1942. Hedy Lamarr, the exquisite Hollywood beauty of the 1930s and '40s, was born into an Austrian Jewish family as Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler in 1914. She would ultimately go on to become the Hollywood star we all know, as well as a highly successful engineering innovator who most of us were never aware of. At 18 the young Hedwig married her first. Hedy Lamarr and the Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum. It's a rare thing for two disciplines such as acting and science to cross over in such a pivotal way, but one who effortlessly matched her presence on screen with a well honed intellect was Hedy Lamarr. But whilst it was her acting career that made her famous, Hedy has rightfully received. Hedy Lamarr was a famous Austrian actress and she became known for her Silver Screen exploitation. Aside from being an actress, she additionally gained popularity due to her inventions. Her name ranks as one of the brightest stars in the movie industry but most people are not aware that she was able to help the Allies in winning during World War II

Hedy Lamarr - the 1940s 'bombshell' who helped invent wifi. The actor, who depicted film's first female orgasm, was well known for her scandalous love life and sultry beauty. Now, a new. Antheil and Lamarr's invention earned them a patent and some initial enthusiasm from the National Inventors Council—a government body formed in 1940 to serve as a clearinghouse for inventions with possible military applications—but the U.S. Navy then did three things to change the course of technological history: They rejected the idea, acquired the patent to it anyway, and kept the. Hedy Lamarr's real name is Hedwig. She was born in Vienna, Austria in 1914 and started acting in German movies, where she caught the attention of Hollywood producers who brought her to America in the late 1930s. She was unhappily married to a Nazi Arms dealer As a female patent attorney and MIT graduate, I have always been fascinated by women inventors and especially by Hedy LaMarr, a famed beauty of the 1930s and 40s. She was a woman who utilized both her beauty and her brains. Hedy LaMarr was a heroine of many movies, playing against stars including Spencer Tracy and Clark Gable. She is famous for saying Any girl can be glamorous

Heather Massie as Hedy Lamarr. Photographed at the New Jersey Naval Museum in 2016. Photo by Charles Marlowe. My mission is to inspire audiences to make the world a better place by pursuing their passions, to encourage young women in science and technology, and to establish Hedy Lamarr as a role model for intelligence, ingenuity, and invention Instagram post added by kvinnohistoria 11 augusti 1942 fick hollywoodstjärnan Hedy Lamarr patent på ett frekvensbytarsystem som nu ligger till grund för mobiltelefoner och WIFI-teknik. Från början var syftet med uppfinningen var att försvåra spårning av radiostyrda torpeder. Uppfinningen registrerades, men användes inte förrän många decennier senare av privata företag och 1962. Hedy Lamarr played much more than the most beautiful woman in the world as an Austrian-American actress during Hollywood's Golden Age. The mathematically-minded inventor created a new torpedo.

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Hedy Lamarr invented frequency hopping, and even held a patent for a frequency hopping device she came up with Share station description Women are half the world population and always have been, yet we mostly learn about.. Since Hedy didn't use the Hedy Lamarr name on the patent, none of the engineers involved in the derivative work had any idea she'd been the original inventor

Lamarr's last husband was Lewis J. Boies, a lawyer, whom she divorced in 1965, claiming that he had threatened her with a baseball bat. In 1966 Hedy Lamarr was arrested for shoplifting at the May Company department store in Los Angeles, but was acquitted by a 10-2 vote in the subsequent jury trial Love having Wi-Fi in your home? Here's why we owe our thanks to this old Hollywood movie star...Subscribe to Stylist's YouTube channel for the latest videos:.. Hedy Lamarr was the first female recipient of the BULBIEª and joins a prestigious list of recipients of the BULBIE[tm] which include Paul MacCready, renowned around the world as the father of human-powered flight; Stanley Mason, America's master inventor to Fortune 500 companies; Jerome Lemelson, prolific inventor with over 500 patents ranking. Hedy Lamarr Patent by Lawrence Keogh Hedy Lamarr, among other things grandmother of smart phones and cellular telecoms and the antithesis of wokery,..

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Orkar inte skriva idag heller men vill verkligen ur djupet av mitt hjärta rekommendera er att se den här dokumentären om Hedy Lamarr, en kvinna som bara sågs som ett utseende och inte ett intellekt och hur det formade hennes liv och person Lamarr's life story could have been a movie itself, and now it is: the documentary Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story. On one level, Bombshell is a tale of escape - from Lamarr's native Austria-Hungary as it fell under German domination; from her first husband, a controlling man who manufactured and sold weapons for Hitler and Mussolini; and from a 1930s immigration system stacked against refugees Hedy Lamarr: Movie star, inventor of WiFi April 20, 2012 / 1:52 PM / CBS News Hollywood is a place where folks are often recognized more for their looks than their talent - and actress Hedy Lamarr. Hedy was often known as: The Most Beautiful Woman in Films During WWII along with George Antheil (pianist, author and inventor) developed a radio guidance technological system. Same system that is currently incorporated into Wi-Fi, CDMA, and Bluetooth; The U.S. Navy did not adopt the technology at the tim In 1985, the government declassified the Lamarr-Antheil patent for military use. Around the same time, the nascent mobile-phone industry adopted CDMA as the industry standard. Thus Hedy Lamarr's frequency hopping became the basis not only for wireless communications but also for the Milstar defense communications satellite system and GPS Hedy Lamarr was an Austrian-born American film actress and inventor. After a brief early film career in Czechoslovakia, including the controversial Ecstasy (1933), she fled from her husband, a wealthy Austrian ammunition manufacturer, and secretly moved to Paris